Monday, March 12, 2012

Infinity Rope Class - 2 Projects Resulting

I took a class at Will-O-Wisp Beads & Boutique ( in late February called Infinity Rope. It is made with seed beads and thread. Results are a chain of beads. Really cool. I used the beads everyone used in class for the first one. 8s for the beads that are encased in the 11s.

I then created a wire clasp with 20-guage wire and hammered for strength.

For my second infinity rope, I used black 11s surrounding copper delicas. Totally different look. Clasp made from 20-guage bronze wire, hammered.

 I added a glass cross pendant to this one.

Friday, February 17, 2012

Beginnings of Bead Embroidery

At the end of January, I took a bead embroidery class at Will-O-Wisp Beads & Boutique in Milford, CT. Very fun and my first cuff bracelet was born!

Thursday, March 3, 2011

2011 - New Beginnings

I have not posted in quite some time. So it is time to get back in the swing...I opened my Etsy store in late December 2010, and have posted a few things at this point, however will be posting more soon. I have made a decision to donate 10% of ALL sales to victims of domestic violence. My jewelry designing skills have been a gift that I am meant to share and feel that is in more than just selling, but giving back to a cause that is nearest to my heart. I have experienced this in my own life and want to give back to the organization that assisted me when I needed them. I also have begun doing heavier research into my writing and will begin to write my first book based on my testimony of being a survivor of domestic violence. I am totally unsure of how long this will take, however hope to have a good start on that project this year.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

2010 in Review & Moving into 2011

Looking on 2010 has mixed feelings. Sales did not go extremely well at the fall and winter fairs I attended. Sales at the Etsy cooperative store were non-existent. However, that is OK. I am moving forward with positive energy and will trust that 2011 will bring better results.

First, I will be highly selective in what local fairs I attend this year. I want to review prior year attendances and possibly obtain feedback from prior vendors to get a feel for how many hand-crafted jewelers are already established before I sign up. That is a big issue, at least here in CT. Fairs I attended this year did not seem to limit the number of jewelers and therefore the fairs were saturated with too many of the same "like" items. I find this is too overwhelming for consumers resulting in very little sales unless there are repeat customers visiting who already know you, or you obtain sales only if you have the "cheapest" prices, nixing your quality and craftsmanship. I cannot stoop to lowering my prices. I purchase good quality material, have been told by others that I have excellent craftsmanship, and do not want to "cheapen" my work. I will also not attend "baby" fairs - fairs that are only in existance for a few years or less, or just starting out. I made that mistake and will not repeat it. I want to participate in well-attended fairs that limit the number of "like" vendors. That is one goal for local sales.

Second goal for local sales, I also want to approach the consignment area and see how I fair in that type of environment.

Finally, broadening my horizons past the local area, and trying to step out more on my own - I have started my own Etsy shop ( I only have 2 items up as of this post, however will be working hard on getting more things up on a regular basis. My desire is to get this shop out there and hope for the best. Exciting already! - I only put these items up late last night. Etsy has this option where other people either signed up to purchase and/or sell can "Favorite" items or shops. I already have someone from Wisconsin who has favorited my shop!! I logged in this morning and was very pleased to see that type of exposure already!

So, on to 2011 with hopes to prosper as my God has promised me plans for prosperity, not gloom and doom.

I hope everyone has a Merry Christmas and a Prosperous New Year!!!
Blessings to all...

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Good News!!

I just found out that I won third place in the bead challenge I was in!! Awesome! My necklace and earrings will be on display at the store for another month. Exciting news! Of course, this is the set I did not get any photographs of before I took it in, so I will post a picture when I am able...

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Update to New Activities Post

I did not get accepted for the Door Auction. There were not enough sponsors this year. I also attribute it to the fact that there are many returning artisans who would get first preference. Which is quite ok. I am otherwise busy this summer anyway. Maybe I will try again next year. Nothing lost with trying.

The sales at Platt Tech High School were not good. Our location on the grounds was not the best. Being the first year for the event, I am sure it will pick up in the future. There are always many jewelry vendors at these type of events which also makes it a challenge to get optimum sales. Try, try again. Never give up hope that there will be the really good one!

Voting is still happening with the Spring Challenge pieces at Manifest Beads.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

New Activities

I submitted an application this month to another artistic endeavor - The Open Doors Exhibit of Milford. This event is held annually in Milford, CT, by the Downtown Milford Business Association. I will find out if I have been accepted this week. The recycled doors with an artistic flair are exhibited in local sponsoring businesses August 20 through September 12, and then auctioned off September 19, with proceeds split between the designated charity (45%), the DMBA (10%), and back to the artist (45%). Ribbons are also awarded the week of September 12 in four categories - People's Choice, Milford Chamber of Commerce Choice, Downtown Milford Business Association Choice & Milford Fine Arts Council Choice.

Today I also submitted my necklace and earrings for the Manifest Beads Spring Beading Challenge. I did not take pictures prior to dropping it off due to time constraints, so will have to do that after I get them back.

I will be selling my jewelry on Saturday, May 22 at Platt Tech High School in Milford. The Manifest Beading Buddies table has ten artisans, inclusive of myself, participating. So, over the next week I will be preparing for that sale.